Odessa Centre

Herding yaks
The Odessa Centre is a small firm based in rural England, with international links to researchers and practitioners in the fields of pastoralism, rangeland ecology and livestock development in semi-arid areas. To see where we are on a map follow the link.

The two partners of Odessa Centre are Carol Kerven and Roy Behnke. They each have many years’ field experience in livestock and rangelands research and development projects. This experience has been gained in a number of semi-arid countries of Africa and Asia.

Long-term projects have been carried out in Libya, Botswana, Somalia, Zambia, Namibia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. We continue to carry out field work whenever the opportunity arises.

Carol and Roy are editors of the journal "
Pastoralism: Research, Policy, Practice". For more information please download the flyer and follow the link to the jounal's website.

Carol and Roy’s daughter, Cara, helps with administration of the Centre and has been on field trips with pastoralists in Mongolia, Namibia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, China and Ethiopia. Cara is a post graduate at University College London, studying social anthropology and pastoralism. She is starting a PhD in social anthropology at Cambridge University, UK.